About Us

Let me introduce myself. . . . . . . . Just like you, I am a serious Sport Touring Motorcycle Enthusiast, who every chance he gets, likes to ride his RT for both work and pleasure. I started riding bikes back in 1964, and have owned every brand/model you can think of, and a few you can't. I've ridden in Europe and all over the USA, and my bucket list includes getting to ride as many countries as possible. While teaching Motorcycle Safety, I developed my Neoprene Original Beemer Buddies/Original Grip Buddies Comfort Grips because I wasn't happy with what was available. It turns out that what I came up with is currently thought of as the best option available to improve your hand comfort and the overall control of your motorcycle by serious motorcyclists, at a price everyone can afford (see the testimonial section). I make these grips myself in Upstate New York, from the finest industrial-grade materials I can find. For example, the glue on the Velcro brand Hook I use is rated to be stable to 186 degrees F, and is lock-stitched on with B-69 nylon thread that you couldn't break with your hands, if you tried. And my embossed rubber Neoprene is waterproof, and won't soak up water. Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope you enjoy using your new Original Beemer Buddies/Original Grip Buddies, as much I did creating them. Maybe I'll see you on the road? Drive Safely!